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Procrastinate with me!


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Thanksgiving is only one week away!

The panic has seeped in a little at a time since Sunday. I haven’t ever cooked a turkey before, never stuck my arm inside of a precooked bird to pull out all the wonderful treasures left inside. I don’t have a roasting pan large enough for a 20 lb bird, or a stock pot big enough to make mashed potatoes for the masses.

Then there’s dessert. I can’t decide between caramel apple pie or apple crisp. Chocolate chip pecan pie or pumpkin pudding. Chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies. Then there comes the problem with not having the time to make the desserts in the first place.

Don’t even get me started on the side dishes. How do I bake my stuffing and green bean casserole when the big fat turkey is hogging my entire oven? Cheesey potatoes? No room for those either.

Last night, my dad unintentionally reminded me of what Thanksgiving is all about. It isn’t about the quality of the meal, but the quality of the time I will be spending with my family.

This year, I am thankful for a lot of things. Especially, my dad. He is a representation of a person with the least to give, who goes above and beyond and gives the most.

So who cares if the turkey ices over before my side dishes are done cooking? If my house is messy because I spend my time baking our pies and cookies with my girls instead of cleaning, oh well.

I will be in great company.

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Test Group

Ok, so I am finally starting to edit, and it is a painful process. I realize how absolutely crappy the first section of my book is. I hate it so much, it makes me want to vomit.

I read a great article on editing, which can be found here

So I am going to try to “chunk” my manuscript into three sections. Unfortunately, my first “chunk” is my least favorite. I need about five people willing to receive a top secret electronic version of each chunk, and provide feedback within a weeks time.

Any takers? Please, please, please?

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I can’t seem to bring myself to edit Out of Slumber. I am not happy with parts of it, and don’t know how to fix them yet. I need some inspiration to get working on it. I need to start getting those queries out so that I can start getting some rejection letters.

So someone kick me in the pants and force me to edit.

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Zoe had Piano and PSR last night, so she was too tired to help me pick out an excerpt from our story. So, here’s snippets from a few others instead.

Building Blocks
“Cells are the building blocks of all living things, and mine, are plotting to kill me.” I glanced down at the words I had written in my journal after that fated doctor’s appointment six months ago. Writing it down had made things more concrete for me at that time.

Those words were more real now than they had been before. I had always been a fighter, but this time something had gotten the best of me, and cancer would be the victor.

“You can’t go with her, she’s just a mirage, a representation of what heaven holds. You, my old friend, are a ghost.”

I heard his words loud and clear, but they had no place in my belief system. I had to be dreaming, or in a coma, my body still fighting to stay alive somewhere. But I felt so….dead. I looked… like myself, and Joshua looked like Joshua had looked ten years ago when I saw him last.

He had to be wrong, I would not begin questioning my faith at a time like this. It could be a test. “What do you mean, I’m a ghost? I…. I lived a Christian life!” I screamed at him.

“So did I Claire.” He reached out to console me, but I would have none of it.

“Then where is my heaven?” If the dead could cry tears, the floor beneath me would have been an ocean.

“Most of us on this plane of existence will see heaven at some point in time. But others…” He paused and shuddered before continuing, “will not be so lucky.”

“Then what is this place? This ‘plane of existence’ as you refer to it?”


Out of Slumber
Ryan held out his beautiful hand to me. I stared at it for a moment in shock before realizing that he was trying to introduce himself to me. “I’m Ryan. Nice to meet you Keely.” I couldn’t let go of his hand, I was touching him in the flesh, and I did not want the holistic feeling to end.
He looked down at our hands then, embarrassed with himself for keeping his hold strong and firm longer than necessary. “I need to apologize for the way that I acted earlier. You seemed very familiar to me, and the site of you took me by surprise.” He let go of my hand then, the reluctance burned into his pained expression.
“Don’t worry about it. I had the same peculiar feeling about you.” I could not just break out and tell him that I had been dreaming about him since I was eight years old. They would have had a psychiatrist there in a matter of minutes to take me away to the same padded room that Carly used to threaten me with.
He was taken aback by my response. His eyes turned icy again, and he wasted no time in leaving me there, alone with Tracy. My head was spinning from the intoxication of simply being in the same room as him. I wanted to chase after him, like in my dreams, but it could not be that way, here with Tucker’s family. With his family.

That’s enough for this morning. Off to work now.

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Those of you who know my little book worm Zoe will understand most of what I say about her better than others. For those of you who don’t know her, she is amazing.

Several months ago, Zoe and I decided to write a book together. We brainstormed for about an hour, and came up with lots of suprisingly great ideas together. When we finally agreed on something, I was thrilled. However, we have not seen eye to eye as of late, and our writing project has been put to the side.

We are attempting to write together again, but have found ourselves butting heads again over our creative differences. We can’t seem to agree on the name for our dragon. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we are fighting over the name of a fictitious dragon. Zoe would like for our dragon to be named Blue Moon, and I like Stardust or Aquarius.

The main characters in our story thus far are Lorelei, Adella, and Rowan (the name of zoe’s ‘boyfriend’). We still have yet to agree on Lorelei’s age.

If anyone has any thoughts on a good dragon name, then let me know. Perhaps it will be one that zoe and I can agree on and get to writing.

I will post an excerpt from our story tonight.

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Help me pick a path to take!

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