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December 4th? You’ve got to be kidding me! It can’t possibly be one week until Zoe’s birthday! This means Christmas is exactly three weeks from today. I just don’t get it.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, but I don’t feel like I have even one minute to stop and reflect on the season.

I have somewhat reflected on the fact that my eldest princess is turning 7 and having her first all friend birthday party, but that is for another day. Talking about her gets me all mushy and teary eyed.

Off to work! TGIF!


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I am my own worst enemy, this I know for certain. A real person (sorry Nina, you are real, you just don’t count since J is a stranger to me) has read my first complete draft of Out of Slumber and holy crap, she actually liked it. I should be jumping up and down for joy….but I’m not.

What is wrong with me?

I should be dancing with my three year old, which trust me, you want to see. She can shake her hips like I’ve never been able to, nor will I ever be able to do.

But no, I am sitting here outraged with myself over not being able to get my query letter right or even begin my synopsis. I can’t get published if I can’t even query.


Ok, I feel better now. Maybe I will find my happy dance later today.

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