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Great Contest


Today I was introduced to a great blog that I had not had the pleasure of running into as of yet. And it just so happens that there is a fabulous contest going on right now. I encourage you to check out not only the contest, but especially the blog. Looks like I found another great resource!



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For me, inspiration presents itself in many different ways. It could be song of the wind in the trees, my children, something my husband says or does, a song on the radio, a dream even.

A lot of my writing incorporates bits and pieces of people I have known throughout my life. Some may be good things, some are definitely negative aspects, but lend to a lesson learned.

Today I googled inspirational quotes and found one that really spoke to me.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”
– Author unknown

I have to cut this short because my darling Piper wants to play on the computer.

So….to those of you taking the time to read this, pray tell, what or who inspires you? What are inspired to do?

Peace out sauerkraut!

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