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Good Riddance 2010

Dear 2010,

This is not a sweet goodbye of tears and happy memories sealed away in the coziest compartments of my mind. In fact 2010, I have some pretty nasty names for you. But instead of lashing out and blaming you for everything that went wrong, I will merely reflect upon your monthly happenings.

January- You sent the beautiful writing bug knocking on my door.

February- Although the shortest month, you brought the most heartache. Your 28 days sure know how to pack a big punch.

March- I sorted enough boxes of Girl Scout cookies for my lifetime.

April- Spirits and Spirits and a little therapy with some of the most amazing women I have ever known.

May- A Mother’s Day that reaffirmed my responsibility and privilege to protect my children.

June- 10 Year High School Class Reunion. I still can’t come up with the words to describe how awkward the whole evening made me feel.

July- I faced the reality that I had to trust a complete stranger with my babies.

August- My baby turned four……the possibility of never having another baby to call my own. : (

September/October- Enlightenment. Everything happens for a reason….a point in time when the path behind me is clear- it was preparation for the present and future.

Realizing that things are completely out of my control- the control was never mine to have. Accepting that I am going to lose something important to me. Understanding the difference between justice and revenge.

November- I began NANOWRIMO with gusto until my 7 year old broke her wrist and made me realize how vulnerable she still is. Went to confession for the first time in 14 years.

December- The first Christmas in 18 years I haven’t sang at mass at the church I used to call my own. It didn’t feel like Christmas without it.

So Good Riddance to you, vile 2010! You left me with too many excuses to binge on chocolate, slack off on my writing, and be consumed by anger and sadness. I dare 2011 to treat me as horribly as you. This time I am armed and waiting!


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