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So I may have gotten a  little lot behind in my whole blogging every day in November promise to myself. At first I was going to call it an utter failure, but that’s not exactly the case. I thought about what I would write every single day, but by the time I had a few minutes to spare I chose sleep. Ask my husband, I keep falling asleep way early…on the couch nonetheless. I had a catch up blog half written, and then my youngest got a stomach bug…for four whole days. That sure put a damper on my entire Thanksgiving break, although I did get a ton of extra snuggles from Miss Piper Poozle. It won’t be long before she doesn’t need me as much, and the snuggles subside. That will make Porky the Puggle happy, as he gets very jealous when it’s not his turn for a spot on my lap. In the end, I would rather break a promise to myself than disappoint my girlies. After all, they will forever be my favorites.


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