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Below you will find a looking glass into the world of a lost soul named Charlie. She’s about to embark on a path of no return; a thrilling, fierce and heartbreaking free fall.

Ann Smith is the best kind of friend; she tells it how it was no matter how much the truth hurts. And let’s be honest, sometimes the truth burns clean through one side of the soul and out the other. Other times it isn’t as quick, instead it leaves scars reminiscent of cigarette burns all over the heart until eventually there isn’t any space left for healing. If there isn’t any clean tissue to move forward with all you have left is bitterness. And anger. And eventually, hatred.

Verbal word vomit had recently become a problem of mine. My theory is that it stems from years of keeping it bottled, the cork airtight, leaving no room for the truth to rear its ugly head at me. These days, all you have to do is get one little glass of wine in me for the deluge to begin.  What I couldn’t say out loud, not even to Anne, and barely even acknowledge to myself is that I am lost, suffocating in my own skin.


This is a place of enchantment. It entices you to lose yourself within its beauty. The air is heavy; thick with magic. The earth in this simple garden bleeds the history of spirits who’ve walked these same paths before.  It’s almost too much for a person to experience alone. I’m afraid to blink, for if I do, the magic might dissipate into thin air, and never have existed at all. A person could lose hours of their life just breathing it all in.

I was so enamored with this small part of the earth I claimed as my own magic garden that I almost failed to notice the man perched silently on the stone steps. He appeared to be watching me, laughter caught in his teeth. Red heat splintered its way across my face in embarrassment, and then anger at the blatant intrusion.  I didn’t want to share my new found magical spot with anyone, let alone a stranger in this foreign land. This is supposed to be my time, my path of self-discovery.

“Hello.” The man’s musical voice set my neurons ablaze. Every bit of anger melted away as quick and hot desire forced its way in. I found myself wanting to feast upon the ripeness of his red, wind burned lips. The world lost all sense of reason from that moment on. There is no rational explanation for a complete stranger making me want things I don’t have the vocabulary to describe.

“Hi.” I squeaked back at him, my eyes darting all around to make sure he was really speaking to me. I was merely a speck of nothingness next to the aura of raw beauty he exuded.  There’s no way the lips formed on those lips could be directed towards me. I lost all sense of ownership of the magic. It was he who belonged in its beauty, not me.

“I’m glad someone else stumbled into this garden. I hadn’t planned on spending so much time here. It has a way of drawing you in, some invisible magic perhaps?”

He must be a telepath. Or I spoke aloud instead of merely thinking the same thing only moments ago. I stood rock still, ignoring the now painful desire that had made its home in my loins.

“It’s the way I can feel the air. The way it smells. The green. Can you feel it?” He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply as he spoke.

How could I not feel it? There couldn’t possibly be enough air for both of us to share. Ripples of sweat formed themselves under my arms and dripped down the backs of my knees despite the crisp air sending its breeze rustling the trees, blowing my hair across my face. I breathed deep to try to catch my own scent. Did I smell? Is that what he was insinuating? Do I have something green in my teeth? Spinach salad from my lunch? Shit. He’s making fun of me.

He stood abruptly, making his way towards me. “Please forgive me, Miss.”

Before my brain could consider the meaning behind his words those lips were on mine, soft at first, then hungrier, delving his sweet spearmint flavored tongue into my mouth. My arms took on a life of their own, wrapping themselves around the broadness of his shoulders. My hips sought out his, digging themselves against him in complete abandon. I pulled away, desperate to catch my breath, but more desperate still to rub my cheek against the roughness of his unshaven cheek, my head settling into the crook of his neck.

“Miss, I’m sorry to have upset you.” The man whose name I hadn’t the decency of asking for wiped tears I had no knowledge of crying from my eyes.

“No, I’m sorry.” I whispered into the wind before turning my back on the flood of uncensored emotions. I did the only thing I was good at, I ran away.

Truth be told, the tears weren’t embarrassment, hurt, or anger. They were tears of honesty, brought on by something I hadn’t experienced up until that very moment in my life. I couldn’t help but smile as I traced my lips with my fingertips, finding them hot and swollen. I burst out into a fit of giggles upon boarding the tour bus that was to take me back to the hostel. I wouldn’t be surprised if a scarlet S tattooed itself across my forehead for all to see.

I skipped dinner and my usual bath accompanied by a glass of wine, not wanting the trace of him to be washed away with the grime that travel and sweat had streaked across my skin. As I found myself flitting off into a dreamless sleep; only one clear thought could be plucked from my stream of consciousness. So this is what passion feels like.


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Zoe had Piano and PSR last night, so she was too tired to help me pick out an excerpt from our story. So, here’s snippets from a few others instead.

Building Blocks
“Cells are the building blocks of all living things, and mine, are plotting to kill me.” I glanced down at the words I had written in my journal after that fated doctor’s appointment six months ago. Writing it down had made things more concrete for me at that time.

Those words were more real now than they had been before. I had always been a fighter, but this time something had gotten the best of me, and cancer would be the victor.

“You can’t go with her, she’s just a mirage, a representation of what heaven holds. You, my old friend, are a ghost.”

I heard his words loud and clear, but they had no place in my belief system. I had to be dreaming, or in a coma, my body still fighting to stay alive somewhere. But I felt so….dead. I looked… like myself, and Joshua looked like Joshua had looked ten years ago when I saw him last.

He had to be wrong, I would not begin questioning my faith at a time like this. It could be a test. “What do you mean, I’m a ghost? I…. I lived a Christian life!” I screamed at him.

“So did I Claire.” He reached out to console me, but I would have none of it.

“Then where is my heaven?” If the dead could cry tears, the floor beneath me would have been an ocean.

“Most of us on this plane of existence will see heaven at some point in time. But others…” He paused and shuddered before continuing, “will not be so lucky.”

“Then what is this place? This ‘plane of existence’ as you refer to it?”


Out of Slumber
Ryan held out his beautiful hand to me. I stared at it for a moment in shock before realizing that he was trying to introduce himself to me. “I’m Ryan. Nice to meet you Keely.” I couldn’t let go of his hand, I was touching him in the flesh, and I did not want the holistic feeling to end.
He looked down at our hands then, embarrassed with himself for keeping his hold strong and firm longer than necessary. “I need to apologize for the way that I acted earlier. You seemed very familiar to me, and the site of you took me by surprise.” He let go of my hand then, the reluctance burned into his pained expression.
“Don’t worry about it. I had the same peculiar feeling about you.” I could not just break out and tell him that I had been dreaming about him since I was eight years old. They would have had a psychiatrist there in a matter of minutes to take me away to the same padded room that Carly used to threaten me with.
He was taken aback by my response. His eyes turned icy again, and he wasted no time in leaving me there, alone with Tracy. My head was spinning from the intoxication of simply being in the same room as him. I wanted to chase after him, like in my dreams, but it could not be that way, here with Tucker’s family. With his family.

That’s enough for this morning. Off to work now.

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