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Everyone has secrets. Some are buried deep within, shared only with others who hold a magic key.  

Other secrets simmer right beneath the surface. They bubble, sizzle, and burn you from the inside. All secrets, or knowledge about past, present or future that you keep private compose  your ‘dark side.’ 

This information may make you whimper, cackle hysterically,  and routinely shove it into deeper compartments of your mind when it threatens to surface.  I have quite a hysterical cackle, you should hear it.

This ‘dark side’ isn’t pretty. It’s the ugliest of all the ugly you could imagine. In the same breath, it’s what makes you beautiful.

You could take the information out, piece by piece and process it with a therapist or loved one, and maybe you already have. Maybe it’s something you though you’d made peace with, only to realize that some kind of hatred or anger for yourself has been born because of your ‘dark side.’  I get the most angry with myself  because of situations completely out of my control.

There’s no turning back the clock, no amount of magic mommy kisses that will ever heal certain boo boos.

It’s funny how the things that eat us alive are the things that we keep hidden deep within ourselves. It’s hard to imagine someone else loving those parts of oursevles when we hate them.  The fear of others judging us, hurting us, and leaving us because of our secrets prevents some people from venturing out at all.

My MC in Free Fall  has a secret shared only with her closest friends. Her secret has started to eat away at the inner lining of her soul, so she does the only thing she can.  She gives up trying to have any control over her life at all. She has clipped the tethers that kept her so completely grounded,  and embarked on her free fall. She may get a few bumps and brusies along the way, but that’s what makes her dark side so loveable.

It’s human to have faults. It’s human to make mistakes. It’s also human to get your heart broken, a very important lesson indeed.

What’s hiding on my dark side? I’ll never tell the whole truth, but  miniscule bits and pieces of my dark side find their way into the lives of my fictional characters. People always say to write what you know.



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I like to bribe myself to have a good attitude for being on call for my job.Sometimes I buy myself a new purse, sometimes it’s a pretty dress. This evening’s good on call attitude is due to karaoke with my friend Melissa tomorrow night!

I’ve been in a singing mood for a couple weeks now, but haven’t had a chance to sing for a ‘real’ audience (probably a good thing). I’m in desperate need of some new song ideas. My range is sort of  in between a mezzo-soprano and an alto. Please help! I can’t keep singing Broken Road and I Hope You Dance every single time. I might even allow myself to be taped and upload the video to my next blog. Maybe. No promises or anything. I’m kind of shy in real life.

Karaoke also means people watching, which always provides an excellent dose of inspiration for my writing. I’m still looking for a strong male name for a character. I don’t think he will be fully developed until he finds that name, and I’m verging on desperate.  Perhaps the name will come to me on karaoke Thursday.

Please provide song ideas if you can, or male name ideas…providing me with the perfect name would most definitely inspire me to post something embarrassing of myself in return. Maybe some funny poetry from when I was twelve, like the poem about the punnet square or the size of my feet. It’s healthy to laugh at yourself once in a while. Ohhhh, or if I know you personally, then you should come sing with me! I do love to duet.

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A full night’s sleep…what is that exactly? 24 hours in just one day may sound like a ton of time to accomplish things on your to do list. Sure, a ton of time if you don’t partake in sleep. Last night I chose to stay up writing until nearly 1:30am to hammer out the rest of the chapter in Free Fall I was working on. This was after I goofed around reading blogs, writing a blog, and talking to friends on Facebook when I should have been working on my chapter. Truth be told, the creative bug wasn’t biting until around 12:30am, so I wouldn’t have been writing even if I hadn’t been goofing around on the internet.

I started working on this posting about an hour and a half ago. I’ve finally made it to the second paragraph, which is progress in itself. My eyes are heavy, and I find myself dozing off here and there.  My body is craving sleep. My mind keeps trying to convince itself that I have enough energy to write another chapter before I allow myself the comfort of a soft pillow  beneath my head. Mmmmmm….soft pillows. There. I relocated from my couch to my bed where I am relaxing on soft pillows while I continue to compose this post. I would be angry at myself for falling asleep before it’s done, so I will deprive myself a little longer while I finish. I’m sure to be slap happy before I finish, which will lead to some creative juices, I hope.

Ultimately, sleep will always come last in my world. There’s little to no time for writing during a normal day when I must wear the Social Worker hat on top of the mommy hat. Speaking of the mommy hat, I missed it! My girls were gone for three whole nights! I didn’t have anyone to cook for, which is preposterous. I always have people to cook for! Tonight I made homemade pasta sauce. Sauce in a jar can’t compare to homemade. Seriously, try it. You just throw some fresh garlic and olive oil, mushrooms and onions if you desire in a pan. Add in your garden fresh tomatoes, a little basil, salt pepper etc to season it and  let it simmer until you have the perfect sauce. We put ours on rainbow colored pasta because what kids don’t want to eat rainbow pasta? I topped it with slivers of fresh mozzarella and basil from the garden. I wish I had photographed it. You can’t beat beautiful and delicious.

So after a day as Social Worker, mommy and master chef comes a night of writing. I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m finished with Free Fall.  Ohhh, but then I could finish Purgatory, Overeater Anonymous, Finding Forgiveness, and My Musical Life. I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead. For now, I choose to write.

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Working Title

There was a time in my life when I was afraid of titles. In fact, I used to write poem after poem with just a date separating them from one another in the pages of my journals.  Titles have to grab your attention in a few short words, excite the reader and stick out in their mind as something they just have to get their hands on. It also has to make sense in regards to your content.If you have a forgettable title, your potential readers will go to the library/bookstore and choose something they can remember over your inferior title.

The working title for my current work in progress is Free Fall. I must admit that I’m feeling pretty strongly about it.  Now if only I felt as good about the name of my leading lady. I’ve received some excellent suggestions on male names, and I hope to have some sneak peaks by the end of next week. In the meantime, I’m curious as to what people think the story behind the title Free Fall  is.

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