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November 2, 2012

I’m thankful for not only the ability to read, but  also the magic that happens when I wrap myself so completely in a book that I become lost within the lives of  characters. I wish that everyone could know what its like to have a love for reading, and it makes me sad that others don’t have the same relationship with books that I do.

I’m thankful that my Zoe has an insatiable hunger for reading, and can have meaningful conversations about what she reads. I smile when she laughs out loud at something she has just read, and provide comfort when a beloved character brings tears to her eyes.  She rereads her favorite books until the pages begin to fall out.

I’m thankful that Piper is able to read me stories at bedtime, but still wants to snuggle up and let me be the storyteller as well. I get teary eyed when she reads through a page of a  chapter book without stumbling over any big words. I’m especially thankful that my six year old has her own method of analyzing and predicting what will happen next.

I am hopeful that those who don’t like to read just haven’t met the right book yet. I have an entire rubbermaid

tote of books that are looking for a good home.

I’d love to share one of my favorites with you 🙂


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