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That’s a mouthful, but I promise it will soon make sense… So I may have failed just a little at the whole posting daily for a month deal. I promise it was for a really good reason! I was on call for my job  Monday night, and that sucked the life out of me. Then there’s yesterday…I got a wisdom tooth pulled. I won’t complain about the number of work related texts/phone calls I received while I was at the dentist. Yes, I complained when I was medicated, but today I’m thinking positively. So my positive spin is that at least my coworkers value my opinion, and want me included in what’s going on. Yup.

Oh, or maybe they can’t survive a day without me? Nope, that one’s probably a stretch.

So here goes three days worth of thankful posts all rolled into one little blog entry

November 5, 2012

I’m thankful for freedom of speech. Who knew that all the ‘thankful for’ facebook posts would get so many  panties in a bunch.  Are people so used to negative all the time that they can’t handle anything positive? I heard three different coworkers complain about wanting to vomit because of said posts. Your tendency towards vomiting at a thoughtful, thankful post will not deter me!

November 6, 2012

I’m thankful for the right to vote! I take my daughters with me when I vote. I’m hoping this expresses how important it is to be educated on the candidates, and to do their part by voting. You can’t complain if you don’t cast your vote for a change! There’s nothing wrong with having an educated opinion at a young age. My Zoe is very upset that she will turn 18 a month after the presidential election of 2020, thus making her ineligible for voting that year. She thinks that your vote should count if you will turn 18 prior to the end of the year that the election takes place.

I’m also thankful for dental insurance. Seriously, I know so many people who don’t have dental coverage. I didn’t exactly enjoy having a wisdom tooth pulled, but it needed done. I have the NICEST dentist ever-Dr. Joshua Renken at Renken Dentistry. He always asks about my kids, and remembers specific things about them. Definitely a family oriented provider who is finally an in network provider for our dental insurance.

November 7, 2012

I’m thankful for the tooth fairy. All joking aside, I asked the tooth fairy for a new purse, and she agreed that a wisdom tooth extraction warranted such an exchange. My six year old hasn’t lost any teeth yet, so I imagine she’ll expect something pretty spectacular for her first baby tooth. For now, I’ll tuck my wings away until her wiggly teeth finally make their way under her pillow. I don’t plan on any more teeth extractions for myself. I still have two wisdom teeth, but they are staying right where they are!


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