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Those of you who know my little book worm Zoe will understand most of what I say about her better than others. For those of you who don’t know her, she is amazing.

Several months ago, Zoe and I decided to write a book together. We brainstormed for about an hour, and came up with lots of suprisingly great ideas together. When we finally agreed on something, I was thrilled. However, we have not seen eye to eye as of late, and our writing project has been put to the side.

We are attempting to write together again, but have found ourselves butting heads again over our creative differences. We can’t seem to agree on the name for our dragon. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we are fighting over the name of a fictitious dragon. Zoe would like for our dragon to be named Blue Moon, and I like Stardust or Aquarius.

The main characters in our story thus far are Lorelei, Adella, and Rowan (the name of zoe’s ‘boyfriend’). We still have yet to agree on Lorelei’s age.

If anyone has any thoughts on a good dragon name, then let me know. Perhaps it will be one that zoe and I can agree on and get to writing.

I will post an excerpt from our story tonight.


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