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…and out spouts a mediocre poem without a title, because titles mean the work has reached a state of completion


my friend and nemesis

in the same stroke.

my fingers tapping

across the keys,

words unspoken

by lips, teeth and tongue.

confessed by fingers

tap, tap, tapping.


until each letter

is deleted.

leaving nothing

but a blank screen

and a full mind.


leaves the truth


until my heart

stops beating.


don’t come installed

with buttons

magic enough

to erase thoughts.


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I like to bribe myself to have a good attitude for being on call for my job.Sometimes I buy myself a new purse, sometimes it’s a pretty dress. This evening’s good on call attitude is due to karaoke with my friend Melissa tomorrow night!

I’ve been in a singing mood for a couple weeks now, but haven’t had a chance to sing for a ‘real’ audience (probably a good thing). I’m in desperate need of some new song ideas. My range is sort of  in between a mezzo-soprano and an alto. Please help! I can’t keep singing Broken Road and I Hope You Dance every single time. I might even allow myself to be taped and upload the video to my next blog. Maybe. No promises or anything. I’m kind of shy in real life.

Karaoke also means people watching, which always provides an excellent dose of inspiration for my writing. I’m still looking for a strong male name for a character. I don’t think he will be fully developed until he finds that name, and I’m verging on desperate.  Perhaps the name will come to me on karaoke Thursday.

Please provide song ideas if you can, or male name ideas…providing me with the perfect name would most definitely inspire me to post something embarrassing of myself in return. Maybe some funny poetry from when I was twelve, like the poem about the punnet square or the size of my feet. It’s healthy to laugh at yourself once in a while. Ohhhh, or if I know you personally, then you should come sing with me! I do love to duet.

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Woo hoo! Woo hoo!

It’s not my best work, but it’s a poem nonetheless. If I wasn’t half asleep I would do a happy dance in the middle of the street. My seven mile bike ride took more out of me than I had to give. That will happen after going to a bachelorette party, only sleeping for five hours, then putting your mommy hat on and taking the kids swimming, doing laundry, cooking dinner, etc.

It takes a lot for me to share something new with the world, so please don’t judge too harshly.

7/15/12 (untitled as usual)

questions unasked

leave words unspoken.

secrets of the past

answer why hearts are broken.

stories of once upon a time

and happily ever after

forgot to mention crime.

something’s the matter

can’t see through

your own denial.

love once grew

but it’s been stagnant for a while.


can’t find the truth in life’s maze

twists and turns get in the way.

no time to get stuck in this craze,

this tangled web gets worse each day.

need a magic potion

like a fairy tale

such a silly notion.

stormy skies send hail



upon my mind.

answers hide themselves away

locked in a place only I can find.

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once upon a time I was a poet

It was a label I could identify with throughout my teens and early twenties. I can remember walking home from school as a seventh or eighth grader writing poems in my head the whole way home. Some of them would come to me at the edges of sleep, some in dreams.

I penned poems in the margins of my notebooks in high school. I set up my email address, amyisapoet@*******.com. I wanted the whole world, or the immediate Springfield community to know that I ate, slept and breathed poetry. The best part of getting a car at sixteen was the personalized license plates, POETS 4.  Fourteen years later I still drive around in a car with license plates that label me  poet. I’m kind of too lazy to change them.

When I was eighteen I rebelled against something, though I’m not sure what, and got a tattoo that says poet in Japanese. I googled it again while writing this blog just to make sure that’s really want the foreign characters on my back say. Google concurs.  From that point on I was forever branded poet. One of the English teachers at my high school made up a saying something like this, ‘Amy, Amy she is a poet and you know it cause her tattoo shows it.’  That still makes me giggle just a little.

Some of my favorite poetry writing memories took place on my college campus. For some reason I’ve never required very much sleep. I would get up extra early and sit on the cold stone bench outside of Corbin Hall and write while the sun came up. I liked the quiet, the solitude. Speaking of college, I really miss the idea of creative writing classes. I had an amazing professor at Western Illinois University, but for the life of me I can’t remember her name. I despise my bad memory. I think my second daughter ate parts of my memory in utero. She also sucked up all of my organizational skills. That’s why I can’t ever find my glasses, or my keys, or…

At some point in time I lost the part of myself that  considered herself a poet. The words which used to flow so freely dried up. I hypothesize that I lost my ability to write good poetry around the time I forgot how to cry. I do cry sometimes, but I resent myself for it. I used to find comfort in tears, believing that they washed away the pain and anger. Time brings both joy and sorrow. When sorrow came to visit so did bitterness. That bitterness is a sneaky one as it has refused to completely vacate the premises.

Every now and then I feel the need to revisit the poems of my past. Reading them sends tiny sparks of creativity flowing through my veins. I can almost feel the indescribable tingle in my fingers, the need to feel the weight of a pen in my hand and the blank page of a journal in front of me. I keep buying pretty little journals to carry around in my purse, but I have a tendency to lose them. Poetry doesn’t feel right when I try to compose it on a computer. It’s definitely a paper pen craft for me.

I haven’t given up hope of finding the poet within myself again. I’ll show you why…

this poem is dateless…written sometime in 2004


compose themselves,

using my mind

as scratch paper.

Some of them

move on-

They run away

Before transposing their lives

To the outside world with my pen

By Amy Jean

The memory of poems composing themselves in mind is still fresh.

One day I will find the poet within me. I have a tattoo that says so.

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